A Horseside View

Fair enough, this is more of a bird’s eye view

Horses have sides, and they have ends. They’re quite a bit like cars┬áreally, besides the naming below they both have heads, tails, horsepower, and high maintenance costs. Horses are of course magnitudes more awesome and cute than cars.

The side naming scheme is exactly the same as cars:

  • The left side of the horse (i.e. the side you mount) is the nearside
  • The right side is the offside (i.e. where you fall off ­čśë
  • The front end is the fore (bites, nuzzles, nibbles)
  • The back end is the hind (kicks, swishes, poops)

This partitioning of the horse handily (hoofily?) provides a snappy name for each leg:

  • Back Right = Off Hind
  • Front Right = Off Fore
  • Back Left = Near Hind
  • Front Left = Near Fore

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