Turning Horses – Hand Position

Hand Position when turning a horse (Yes, it has a fat neck, shush.)

It’s always possible to improve a turn. There are so many little adjustments that can make a huge difference to one of the most fundamental riding movements. The tiniest change can make the difference between leaning or slowing around a corner, and making balanced, stable turns. Not to mention the control necessary to perform well in dressage tests!

Requirements for turning effectively:

  • Asking for an inside bend
    • from the elbow
  • Continued contact with both hands
  • Inside shoulder should be back

Things that will hamper the turn:

  • Crossing the horse’s neck with the outside rein
  • Twisting of the rider’s torso
  • The rider leaning inwards (or anywhere really, sit up straight!)


Legs are not covered here. Not yet.

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