New Site Design

Another new styling for the site. I’ve cut down on links/extra sections with the intention of eventually moving all of that content into the blog. The photography and image manipulation always were the main focus anyhow.

There’s still a few niggles to sort out, like the dropdown navigation not playing nicely with the blog theme. Likely a result of just hammering the navbar and Twitter’s Bootstrap in around the existing divs.

I quite like Bootstrap, it does speed things up, and means that a lot of time usually spent on cross-browser compatible styling can be put to better use. Mind you, had to hack out that hideous responsive navigation contraction on small screens.

I’ve decided to move my photos to Flickr. Whilst it does mean they’re now hosted externally, I think that the added discoverability and somewhat faster hosting is worth it. I’m considering adding a tag based gallery that pulls my photos from Flickr via the API (probably with Zend caching like everything else I pull in), and displays them in the style of the ‘other images’ gallery. So hey Flickr haters, you have that alternative to look forward to!

Choosing which photos to upload is slow going – mostly lizards at the moment, but at least the watermarking is automated.

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