3D Modelling, Take 2

3D Snowman It’s been a few years since I last played with 3D modelling. Back then it was mostly rendering movies of furry objects exploding. It was fun, and intermingled with more serious attempts. Appropriately for this time of year, here’s a snowman. There were also some opening books I was working on for an interactive website.

I’ve recently decided to get back into it, and do things properly. Here’s a screenshot of my first real attempt at a creation. It may be only be a headless dog, and it may be using a lot more polygons than it needs, but it did let me learn my way around the interface. It has even got a skeleton in, so bits of it move almost realistically. I modelled it standing, the sitting position is all done by the skeletal structure inside. Rather funky really.

Texturing should be fun, it went wrong last time I tried. Anyway, here’s that screenshot:

3D Attempt 1

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