Opera 11.60 Address Bar

The most recent release of the Opera web browser seems to have taken a strange turn.

As expected, there are two text boxes, the address bar, and the search box. In Opera, you can set keywords for your search engines, which allows you to search using a specific engine from the address bar, e.g.
“g kittens” for a Google search, if it is enabled, you also get search suggestions as you type
“g k” kohls, kayak, kmart
“g ki” kindle, kindle fire, kim kardashian wedding
and so on.

In versions prior to 11.60, depending on what options were selected, the address bar would provide results from your history and/or bookmarks as you typed, an incredibly useful feature.

In version 11.60, that still happens. In addition to that, it will no longer wait for a keyword, anything typed starts bringing in suggestions from the default search engine, Google in this case. If that wasn’t an annoying enough feature on its own, Opera then places these results above the bookmark/history results. I can no longer type three or so characters, hit down a couple of times and have the bookmark I wanted, I have to wade through a pile of search suggestions I have no interest in.

One solution was to disable search suggestions entirely. This leaves keyword searches and search box searches similarly affected, so not terribly useful.

Another was to add a dummy search engine so there can’t be suggestions. Although this requires it to be set as the default one, adding an extra step to getting suggestions in the search box (changing the selected search engine to, say, Google before typing the query).

The fix I’m currently using is to disable “Address Bar Content Search” in the advanced configuration. Remember to click save and restart the browser after though.

It seems to do the trick, thanks go to artmil over in the Opera forums

Ah, so close. This still isn’t perfect. Here are some screenshots of my address bar. It remembered that I wanted search suggestions and is now going to forcefully display them however irrelevant they are in regards to what I’m typing, for as long as I keep this tab.

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