BBSSH is one of the few apps I manage to use just about every day. Marc has done an amazing job on making an SSH and Telnet client that doesn’t just work on BlackBerry phones, but was designed for them. Best of all he’s made it free (although there is a donate button).

If you want an SSH client for your BlackBerry, I can’t recommend it enough. Visit to find out all the details.

Brief list of things that please me about it:

  • Can be set to use Wi-Fi if it is available, or whatever else if not
  • Stores multiple profiles with different settings
  • Multiple concurrent connections
  • Sensible exit action
  • Wide range of macro actions
  • Amazing list of key combinations to assign actions to
  • Direct input or buffered input
  • CTRL, TAB,.. keys that work
  • Variety of fonts and sizes
    • (I use the smallest bitmap option because I have a 320x240px Curve and good eyesight)
  • Trackpad acts like arrow keys
  • Can scroll up and down (once the buffer has been enabled)

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